Pastor Myroslav and Yuliya Biley

About Us

Our Mission
According to the Bible, church is not a building, but a Body of Christ, which consists of people. Our Lord Jesus broke His body on the cross, leaving a symbol for us - unleavened bread, which we break. In the same way we want to “break” ourselves and share our life with others.

Our Goal

We desire to help people find the way to our loving Father, the way home. This unique and real way is Jesus Christ Himself.

Our Practical Christianity

We are convinced that Christianity is not just some dead religion but a living relationship with Christ. Our Lord showed us the example of life and called us to share God’s love with everyone who is in need. We believe that church as the body of Christ is called to be the source of God’s blessing and filling of people’s vital needs. Jesus teaches us to serve our neighbors through practical care and straight-out preaching of the Word of God that is supernaturally working in our life.

Our History…

Having been invited by the leadership team of Gate City Church in the fall of 2003, Myroslav Biley and his family moved to Nashua, NH from Ukraine to serve to the Russian speaking community of the region. The first service of the new Slavic Congregation was held on April 11, 2004. From that first service God has continued to touch hearts and change lives.


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Gate City Church Slavic Congregation

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Gate City Church


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English 8:30 am & 10:30 am

 Russian/English 1 pm

Portuguese/English 5 pm

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