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Katie Berube

Hope and Life Guatemala

James Lian Sai
Acts International

Thang Cung Nung
Acts International

Nugun Nawl

Mary Lynne and Walt Wood

Hermie & Yolly Abalos

Apostolic work in Pangasinan


JC & Mila Sterley
International School of Ministry


Lex & Renee Edme
Mission of Hope


Goran and Helena Reierstam


Mary Jill Callery


Alan Ross
Teaching and Prophetic Ministry

Fred Fox, Missionary
Gate City Church
Ministering to the Gypsy children


Michael Hallenbeck


Joseph Yesenov & Rankova Zirka
(Morning Star) Ministries
Ministering to street kids


Rita Balazh
Zhyttia (Life) Ministries
Ministering to Jewish
Holocaust survivors and their families


Volodya Serhachov
Hope and Life Ministries


extended family

Abbott Loop Christian Center


Alan Ross

Beth Messiah

Frank and Pat Susler


Change Point Church

Marlow and Tanya Dunham


Grace Christian Fellowship

Jim Susler

Terry King

Aim Apostolic Company

Katie Berube

Hope and Life Guatamala

Mary Jill Callery

Serving in Tarnow, Poland

With the Lord is Our Banner Christian Life Center

and "No Limits Foundation"


R.T. Kendall Ministries

Tents of Mercy

Eitan and Connie Shishkoff

associated churches

Jim Ward

Mihai Dumitrascu

Emmanuel Church Galati, Rumania

Renew Church 

Jim & Kyla Ward 

53 Elmwood Rd. Hancock, NH


Rio Iglesia - Cuenca, Ecuador 

Rene & Chala Osorio

Mark & Jamie Catalano

Unite Church

Anchorage, Alaska

Verbo Iglesia Cristiana

Cuenca, Ecuador

John and Mailyn Guido

United Church of Lyndeborough 

Paul & Mary Lemire

5 Putnam Hill Rd. Lyndeborough, NH 

associated ministries 


Bob Sorge​


Bruce Collins

Just Earth Kenya

Catalyst People

Terry and Nancy Clark


Global Operations and Development

International House of Prayer

ISOM - Good Shepherd Ministry

Dr. Berlin and Lisa Gilfillan

ISOM - Phillippines

JC and Mila Sterley

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf

Sophia (Marcia Reid)

Joni and Friends

New Wine


Terry King

Aim Apostolic Company

Revive Israel

Asher and Betty Intrater

Tikkun Ministries

Tikkun Global

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