Women's Ministry

Women’s Bible Study

Beginning Monday, September 14th

Meeting remotely via Ringcentral

 Join us on Monday nights as we step into the book of Matthew to consider Jesus’ life and teachings…

He walked in love and truth in the midst of opposition and persecution; together,

let’s learn from His example.

You’ll receive easy instructions for accessing our 7pm Ringcentral meeting once we receive your registration.  Register and pick up your study materials at our Welcome Counter on Sunday mornings, contact:  sandy@gatecitychurch.org, or call the church offices at (603) 883-8273.  To request further information

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To my Sisters-in-Christ,


Join me on this journey through the book of Matthew this fall!  


We are living in a time of increasing social unrest and divisiveness, and have witnessed how quickly this unrest can erupt into violence - which has led me to be seeking direction for how to respond should it come to our doorstep.  We want to have a clear scriptural understanding of the heart of God, and of how we're to represent Him.  We want maintain a spiritual perspective that enables us to lift the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news in the midst of confusion, and as a greater priority than what we see as “our side” of an issue...  to be so rooted in the truths of God that we recognize deception and can stand for His truth in love.  


This has led me to spend time in the gospels, refreshing myself about the life of Jesus...  and how He chose to respond to persecution and injustice.  Reading an edition with the words of Jesus in red has highlighted just how much Jesus spoke about these things! Our spending time in the gospel of Matthew is an ideal way to gain understanding and confidence about how we are to reflect Jesus in a way that honors Him and His truths. 


As we go through this study in the book of Matthew I believe the Holy Spirit will use it to speak relevant and equipping words to us for the day in which we’re living.  Let's look forward to Jen Wilkins’ teachings to “unpack" rich truths and instructions for us to walk in. 


May His faithful lovingkindness enfold you as you trust in Him,


Sandy B. 

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